Rajesh Munshi

Ensuring child rights is the most sustainable solution to the myriad social, economic and political issues confronting India. Sustainable change at the level of the community is only possible when communities themselves develop and implement solutions, cooperatively. Non-profits when linked to each other and in coalition with business, government and media, can create a critical mass that achieves immense synergies and scale, and the strength to influence policy.

Very simply, we act as the link between (a) people like you who want to help underprivileged children and (b) the child in need, wherever she might be, in India or the USA. We do this by channelizing the concern, goodwill, time, money and skills of thousands of individuals, like you, towards child development projects run by committed grassroots projects.

Here’s a video from one of our supporter on why they support CRY:

Help us bring a better tomorrow by donating & volunteering.  If you are a Microsoft employee, you can donate through GIVE so that the matching gets reported, otherwise you can simply donate through CRY America website.